Pentax ME Super (Black) + SMC 50mm / f1.7 + Strap


This Black ME Super is in great working condition, film tested with new light seals throughout and is paired with a very clean 50mm f1.7 prime. It comes with a ‘Pentax 10 Million’ strap, Free Shipping and a Free roll of B&W film.

Now sold, sorry...


The Pentax ME Super – in apparently sought-after ‘Black’ finish – is an Aperture Priority + Manual body with optional Bulb and 1/125th flash sync. The ME Super is a small, light 35mm SLRs making it pocketable and ideal for walkabout / street photography. Other features include self timer, exposure compensation (+/- 2EV), 12-1600 ISO and lockable shutter button.

This Super is paired with an SMC 50mm f1.7 prime; a highly rated lens praised for its sharp rendition and build quality.

Condition:  BodyNew light seals throughout – cosmetically this camera is in very good condition, with very few worn areas that are common with bodies of this age, especially the black finished ones. The baseplate shows signs of a dent, but this does not affect operation or opening of the battery cover. Mechanically it’s sound, has been well cleaned and film tested, running very smoothly.
Lens –  In very good condition, with clean clear optics, smooth focusing action and snappy aperture operation.

Some example shots, taken earlier this year with this body and various lenses, are included in the product gallery here.