Canon EOS 500N Body


1 Available!


The EOS 500N (EOS Kiss &EOS Rebel G in other markets) is a 35mm SLR sold in the mid-late nineties. It’s very light, supports EF lenses and is feature-packet. The camera has built-in pop-up flash and a very useful film pre-wind system that winds the film completely onto the spool at the start, and then each shot taken is wound back into the camera, meaning any accidental opening of the back only affects unexposed film. The camera takes two readily available (i.e. Sainsburys) CR123A type batteries. These features, along with the relative low cost-of-replacement, make this an ideal travelling camera.

Condition: This particular body has been film tested and is in perfect working order. The body/shell is clean and has minimal marks for its age. It’s been film tested and sample photos (taken paired with a Canon EF 35-135 USM lens, on Fomapan 400 at box speed) are included here in the gallery.

This camera ships free, an comes with a free roll of black and white film.