Pentax ME (Silver) + Steinheil Auto 28mm / f2.8


A simple, small, clean and perfectly working Pentax ME, film tested. New light seals + Steinheil 28mm lens.

Now sold, sorry...

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The Pentax ME is an Aperture Priority body with optional Bulb and 1/100th (flash sync). It’s one of the smallest and lightest 35mm SLRs making it ideal as a holiday / walkabout camera. It’s functionally identical to the ME Super except it doesn’t have manual shutter buttons/selection.

This particular camera has been thoroughly cleaned and tested, with some partial disassembly to clean and lubricate where necessary. The light seals (all of them!), have just been replaced 😊

Condition: The Pentax body has some age related cosmetic wear. For example the hinge side of the back cover and just below the Winder have had the black paint worn away through use. Please check the photos.
The lens is in incredibly good condition, with clean and clear optics and operation.

Some example shots, taken earlier this year with this body and various lenses, are included in the product gallery here.