Focal / Sears MC Auto 135mm f2.8


A Minolta-fit Focal (Likely Samyang made) Telephoto 135mm with great characteristics.

Now sold, sorry...


I LOVE this lens. But I don’t have any Minolta kit left…

Lovely Bokeh, swirly at times, softer at the edges, likes good light. Reassuringly heavy but short enough for walking around with. This is not, technically, a “really good” lens, but this is a “really nice” lens. Some of my own photos are included for reference.

It’s a design that was branded by several companies, but ‘the internet’ suggests it was built by Samyang, Korea.

This particular item is smooth to use and has clean optics. There are some very small chips on the front face of the integrated lens hood and filter thread, and the thread is very slightly dented. I was able to remove an old filter from it without tools when I got it, but not sure I’d want to re-fit one.