Pentax Spotmatic SPii Rapid wind / Film advance assembly (black)


1 Available!


These are parts comprising the ‘Rapid wind’ film advance assembly on the black bodied Spotmatic SP2.

Included here are the parts shown, that exist above the top cover:

  • Lever and nylon washer. 3 screws insitu.
  • Frame counter disc, carrier, small nylon washer and locking nut.
  • Top cover with clear frame counter window and 3 grub screws insitu.

Missing: The very small reverse-threaded screw that holds the numbered disk to the winder shaft. This isn’t strictly needed, or it could perhaps be harvested from the camera these parts are being fitted to.

Condition: The lever has some marks/brassing on it, and the counter cover has some wearing on the very edge. The rest of the items are very clean.

A note on Source: We’re not in the habit of stripping perfectly serviceable cameras for parts. This Spotmatic body was irreparably damaged by some deep corrosion on the chassis on the film path, which scratched any film that passed through/over it. So in this case it was deemed better to strip the usable parts and junk the chassis.