Pentax PZ-1 + F Zoom 28-80mm

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This was the Pentax flagship model in 1991, aimed at high-end / Pro markets. The camera has many pro features e.g 1/8000th shutter, bracketing, built-in intervalometer, custom functions for things like tail-out film rewind and manual focus confirmation. It’s a bit nuts really, especially if you’re coming from an MX or LX or MZ series Pentax. Two especially good things about this camera are the Hyper-program / Hyper-manual modes, and the huge Pentax lens mount compatibility (K, KA, Kaf, Kaf2).

Condition: This body is in very good condition, fully working and film tested.
The lens is in good clean condition. It’s been stripped and cleaner to remove one small bloom of fungus. It should be noted that whilst the body supports the FA Power Zoom lenses, this lens is a standard F type AF.