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New Payment Methods added

Recently we ran a poll on the socials to ask which Payment Methods customers might prefer. The majority said they were happy with card payments, which we’ve been taking via Stripe since the beginning. It’s our preferred method because it just works, allows for Apple Pay and Google Pay, and has useful seller tools. However, not everyone want’s to pay by card. Some said they preferred PayPal, and found Pay Later (Paypal Credit etc) useful. A tiny percentage said they would prefer to pay by BACS (Bank Transfer). So…

Bank Transfer (BACS) – 5% Off!

Shoppers can now select Bank Transfer at the checkout. This actually saves us some processing fees, and its immediate 🙌, so we’re passing that saving on by automatically applying a 5% basket discount when this payment type is selected.

PayPal (including Pay Later)

If you must 😅, you can now pay by PayPal too. It’s convenient, pretty terrible fees for us, but it’s a ‘cost of business’ so we can’t complain too much.