Olympus Superzoom 76G


Now sold, sorry...


The Olympus Superzoom is a very capable 35mm zoom ‘point and shoot’ camera. This listing includes free shipping!


  • 38-76mm zoom range
  • Multiple flash modes (off, on, auto, red-eye, night)
  • Auto loading/wind-on, advance and rewind.
  • Clam-shell cover with integrated power switch to protect lens and viewfinder.
  • Self-timer

Condition: This camera is well known, it was my mum’s (don’t worry, she’s still around, just not shooting film these days). She hardly used it and gave it to me a couple of years ago when I was nagging everyone I knew for old film cameras. I’ve run a film through it and it works perfectly. The light seals are still good and all the functions… um… function. There is a tiny dink – about 1 mm across – to the left of the Olympus logo on the clamshell cover which you can see in the photos here.

“But what about the sticker?” well yes, it has a big Kodak Gold ‘tribute’ sticker on the back. I like it (I designed it 😅) and stuck it there. If you don’t like it I’ll happily take it off before it’s shipped.