Olympus OM10 + Zuiko Auto-S 50mm / f1.8

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This Olympus OM10 with its stock 50mm f1.8 Auto-aperture lens are in great working order. They have been film tested with sample images included here. The body has light usage marks around some of the contact surfaces, with some dust particles present in the optics due to age, which do not affect image quality. There is no sign of fungus in the lens or prism. New light seals have been fitted and both lens and body have been thoroughly cleaned before being listed here.

The Olympus OM10 is a highly-rated camera with a long and loyal following. Released in 1979 this model was in production for nearly 10 years. It features a light weight and relatively compact body, simple operation and an accurate light meter. Other features include Aperture Priority auto exposure with exposure compensation, ISO setting of 25 to 1600, Bulb setting, and manual shutter speed setting when using the optional ‘Manual Adapter’ (not included).


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