Olympus AZ-300 Superzoom


Full-featured late 80’s ‘Bridge Camera’ to make Darth Vader jealous.

Now sold, sorry...


If Darth Vader had a camera, this was probably it. Better write-up incoming…

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For now, here are some specs, and check the gallery for some sample pictures taken with this particular camera a couple of weeks ago (Feb 2023).


  • Zoom lens, 38-105mm 1:4-5.6. 12 element lens in 11 groups.
  • Passive Autofocus.
  • 1.3m-infinity focus range in normal mode.  0.8-1.3m in macro mode.
  • Automatic Exposure.
  • Centre weight metering, with optional spot metering (non-TTL).
  • DX coding, 35-3200 ISO (100 ISO default).
  • EV compensation +/- 1.5.
  • 2xCR123 batteries.
  • 40.5mm filter thread.