Applied Infrared Photography – Kodak Issue 28


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Quoted from this books introduction:


This book classifies numerous outdoor and indoor techniques for photography by infrared radiation. The purposes of the various methods and the procedures involved are described.

Certain applications and techniques are beyond the scope of this book; nevertheless, key references are given for those who wish to do further study. References are listed in all the fields covered. Data on film characteristics, filters, light sources, and processing are also included.

Thermal recording is an indirect infrared photographic technique and is described briefly. The differences between it and infrared photography should be realized, because it is an entirely different technique.”

This is an Eastman Kodak publication, No. M-28

  • Type: Perfect bound style booklet
  • Pages: 86
  • Edition: 1987 Printing, 1977 Edition.
  • ISBN: 0-87985-288-7
  • Condition: See gallery photos.